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Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)

Spark plasma sintering is a powder consolidation technique that is capable of producing highly dense materials. Its main special feature is its heating method, which consists of a high intensity pulsed current that passes through graphite tooling. With this set-up it is possible to reach heating and cooling rates of more than 100°C/min.

The main benefits of this technology are the absence of organic binders inside the powders, helping to avoid issues that are caused by debinding. As well as the technologies ability to reduce the amount of residual stress within the material through the efficient control of the experienced thermal gradients.

Thanks to these assets this process is used in the development of high performance and innovative materials (composites, hard metals, metal alloys, refractory materials), that are hard to produce via conventional techniques.

Based on 15 years of R&D dedicated to the optimization of this process, Norimat is developing a unique and patented technique that allows forcomplex parts production via spark plasma sintering in only one step of heat treatment. This method allows the production of near-net shaped parts and reduces the need for machining.

  • From powder to
    final parts in less than 1h

  • Enhancement of 
    Mechanical performance

  • Material waste 
    under 1%