As experts in the development and production of high-performance parts from innovative materials, Norimat offers several solutions to address the challenges of the aeronautics industry.

  • From powder materials to the final part in less than 1h
  • Near-net shaped parts obtained (consolidation of manufacturing steps)
  • Improved part performance (access to new innovative materials)
  • Development of custom high-performance alloys


Norimat’s patented process enables the production of fully dense, near-net shaped parts in less than 1h of heat treatment. The powder material is transformed into a dense object in only one step, giving the final product remarkable properties without the need for post-processing. Compared to other processes, (casting, conventional press and sinter, etc) the total part development cycle is reduced by a factor of 4 and the production process material waste is reduced to less than 1%.

This process is suitable for a wide range of metals and alloys, including intermetallics (TiAl), hard metal (superalloys) and refractory materials (carbides, UHTC, etc.) Norimat can support you from feasibility study through to serial production of high-performance parts for your Aerospace applications.


  • Hard metals and refractory materials
  • Abradable materials
  • Intermetallic alloys and superalloys
  • Forming of hard to machine materials
  • Metallic alloy: Including Intermetallic (TiAl), hard metal (superalloy), and refractory materials