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Norimat relies on 15 years of expertise on the Spark Plasma Sintering process. We will help you through the definition of your specification to offer you a solution as complete as possible for the production of your high-performance pieces.

Norimat customizes its offer according to your needs. Our PhD and engineer teams can advise and guide you through the choice of the best materials and designs for your pieces, for a tailor-made solution.

  • Feasibility study

    Optimization of the sintering
    conditions of your materials

    Performances characterizations
    and validation according to
    your specifications

    Computer simulation of the process
    to anticipate the production phase

  • Conception, design and
    qualification of materials

    Process optimization

    Standardized specimen

    Study of mechanical behaviour
    and microstructures

  • Prototyping

    Parts characterizations

    Performance validation

    Series production

    Scale-up to industrial production