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As experts in the development and the production of ultra high-performance metal and ceramic materials (e.g. SiC, B4C, ZrB2 TiC, TiN aluminum and titanium alloys, …), Norimat will guide you through the conception and production of parts that are customized for space application.

Thanks to its short sintering time, the Spark Plasma Sintering process can densify ultra-high resistance ceramics (silicon carbide, silicon nitride, alumina, zirconia, composites, spinels, …). It offers solutions to reduce the weight of the components, while increasing their mechanical resistance, impact resistance and their stability towards temperature variations. Furthermore, this process is very effective to produce multilayer materials, which can be used for thermal barrier applications.

The high densification rate reached by spark plasma sintering also facilitates the development of transparent ceramics.

This technology offers solutions for several components of satellites, microsatellites, probes and measuring instruments.

  • Ultra-high densification of materials
  • Lightening of equipment and structures
  • Development of multilayer materials and composites
  • Possibility of transparent ceramics
  • Enhanced mechanical properties : 
    Alumina : hardness +60%, toughness +20% 
    Silicon carbide (SiC) : hardness +30%, toughness +40% 


Discover the technology  

Key strengths

  • Enhancement of mechanical and electrical properties

  • Elaboration of multilayer materials

  • Control of the microstructures


  • Structural parts for joints or fixing systems
  • Electronic components
  • Transparent ceramics for sensors and instruments
  • Protective enclosures