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As experts in the development and production of high-performance metal parts and ceramics by spark plasma sintering, Norimat offers several solutions to address the industry challenges.

With the spark plasma sintering process, ultra-hard refractory materials can be densified at very high temperatures in record time (<1h). Through the control of the conception conditions, Norimat can produce materials with a density higher than 99.9%. Here, no organic binder is required, helping to ensure a higher material purity for these parts.

Thanks to spark plasma sintering, the production of tungsten carbide cutting inserts is improved. This technique paved the way to the removal of cobalt based binders and to a solution diversification via the use of composite materials or functionally graded materials.

Norimat will guide you from the feasibility study to the production of your high-performance cutting tools.


  • Total densification of the material
  • Enhancement of mechanical properties
  • Development of new compositions without cobalt
  • Enhanced mechanical properties :
    Tungsten carbide : hardness +15%, toughness +10% 


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Key strengths

  • Enhancement of mechanical properties

  • Increase in tools


  • Cutting tools (machining, forging, …)
  • Sputtering targets
  • Projection nozzle