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As experts in the development and the production of colored ceramics for the luxury industry, Norimat will guide you through the design and the fabrication of fine watchmaking and jewelry pieces.

Thanks to its short sintering time, the Spark Plasma Sintering process can densify ultra-high resistance ceramics (alumina, zirconia, composites, spinels, …) without altering the pigments used. It is now possible to produce ceramics with unprecedented colors: red, orange, pink or purple.

Norimat also offers to combine several material natures and colors inside a single piece. The control of the process parameters allows to associate both ceramics and metals while preserving the benefits of each material.

  • Wide range of colors and ceramics available
  • Development of new colors upon request
  • Association of materials and colors
  • Tailor-made design
  • Increased hardness (scratch-resistant properties guaranteed)


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Key strengths

  • Scratch-resistant properties guaranteed

  • Wide range of colors and ceramics


  • Fine watchmaking
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories for leather goods